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The AIMS Assured Meat Processing Scheme (AMPS) standard provides meat businesses with a whole chain assurance scheme.

Audited by UKAS Accredited certification body KIWA the standard has been written in a highly practical way which recognises that the meat industry is already monitored with the regulatory framework of the Food Standards Agency.

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Who is it for?

What's included?

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For all abattoirs, cutting plants

and processing

Senior Management commitment, HACCP, GMP,

Personnel and Hygiene

Additional Modules

To be carried out in conjunction with the core module

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Abattoirs in the red meat, poultry

and game sectors

Large operations, slaughter and livestock collection

ex farm by abattoir's own transport

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Plants wishing to assure

their pork quality

Pork production

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Plants wishing to assure

their pork sausage quality

Pork sausage production

Catering Butchers and

Meat Wholesalers

Verification of their Halal supply chain and the

on-site processing of Halal meat and Poultry

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