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Cases of Avian Influenza (Bird flu)


To be aware that two cases of Avian Influenza (AI) are currently under investigation (one low pathogenicity, and one suspected high pathogenicity):

Avian influenza of the H5N8 strain has been confirmed at the premises near Frodsham in Cheshire yesterday.


Further testing is underway to determine if it is a highly pathogenic strain and whether it is related to the virus currently circulating in Europe.


All 13,000 birds at the farm will be humanely culled to limit the spread of the disease. 3km and 10km temporary control zones have been put in place around the infected site to limit the risk of the disease spreading.


Designation of slaughterhouses

Can I take this opportunity to remind members of the requirement to be designated to dispatch poultry meat from birds originating in the PZ, SZ and RZ. The FSA instructions on AI Outbreaks are here and in section 8. A designation application form can be downloaded here. I would advise you to dust off your designation protocols and ensure everything and everyone is up to speed.

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