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Preparing for Brexit - Immigration Briefing HERE

Follow the link to the slides used in the AIMS Update LIVE (21st October) on the new Tier 2 Visa system (AKA ‘Skilled Worker Route’).

Brexit Resources

Prepare your food and drink business for 1 January 2021 Here

Poultry meat marketing standards from 1 January 2021 Here


Labelling and marketing standards from 1 January 2021 Here

Food labelling and packaging Here


Food and drink labelling changes from 1 January 2021 Here

Export composite food products to the EU from 1 January 2021 Here

Prohibited & Restricted Goods from GB to NI Guidance here

GB - EU Export of Animals and Products of Animal Origin (POAO) - Information Pack


Click here to download the information pack sent to us by the DEFRA Trader Readiness Team.


The pack is in relation to the export of animals and products of animal origin (POAO) from Great Britain to the European Union. 


We hope that this document will support you to make preparations for the changes that will come into effect from 1st January 2021.

Standard Occupation Code 5431

As many of you will be aware AIMS made a submission to the recent Home Office/Migration Advisory Committee consultation on Shortage Occupations. The Migration Advisory Committee have subsequently made a recommendation to the Home Office that Standard Occupation Code 5431 (Butchers) be listed as a Shortage Occupation. Should this be accepted by the Home Office then those coming to work in the UK from overseas in members businesses will immediately collect an additional 20 points towards the 70 points required.


Here is a list of every role covered by Standard Occupation Code 5431 and as you can see this covers every element of every role within AIMS’ members businesses.

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