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“Thanks for all of your help during Coronavirus. I can confirm that our BRC audit is happening next week after which we'll be able to start supplying the supermarkets. Thanks again for the help on this I wouldn't have known which way to turn what with the Coronavirus pandemic" 

Abattoir/Processor, Midlands

AIMS also incorporates the National Association of Catering Butchers, probably the most recognised trade body within the foodservice industry.

Since coming together AIMS have worked with the foodservice market to raise the profile of its Catering Butcher members and have ensured that their specific interests are understood within Government and other regulatory bodies.


Catering Butchers

It is well documented that Catering Butchers have faced increased scrutiny over the past few years and when required AIMS have assisted members with advice, support and representation.

AIMS is ready and able to assist Catering Butcher Members with enquiries such as:

  • Food for Life

  • Halal Assurance

  • Organic Certification

  • Red Tractor Licensing

  • Customer enquiries

  • Supply chain ideas


For further details contact the AIMS office either on 01609 761547 or Click Here

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