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Export Update

26th February

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.


We have just received 3 reports that have been written for DEFRA and the Department for International Trade by Promar International looking at the opportunities for food and drink exports to India, UAE and USA


The reports look at 5 main areas:


  1. To understand the food and drink sectors within the target markets, and given production within these markets as well as their current food and drink imports, to understand what could represent an opportunity for UK businesses looking to export into these markets.

  2. To obtain information on the food and drink sectors of these countries with regard to retail market size, market subsectors, company market shares, brand market shares, market growth opportunities, and consumer attitudes.

  3. To understand what acts as barriers to exporting UK food and drink products to these countries, with particular consideration given to commercial practices, regulatory frameworks and consumer preferences. Also, given the size of some of these markets, consideration will need to be given to how this can vary between different regions within these markets whilst also highlighting emerging and future trends in these markets.

  4. To understand and identify who the consumers of specific UK food and drink products are likely to be in a given market, with regards to geographical location, income group and other important demographic factors.

  5. To make the completed research reports available to policymakers and the wider industry. Given this, it is also important that the research provides details on the export opportunities available to small and medium-sized enterprises.


The reports are quite large and are in two parts, a Summary and the full report. These will be placed in the Export section of the AIMS website (this is in the Members Resources area) later today.


In the meantime, you may wish to down load your copies from the links below:

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