Abattoir Members in England


The Livestock Information Service are getting ready to launch the new service and although you can’t report movements yet, you can now create an account: Click Here


Creating an account will allow you to check your CPH is registered and set up your log in details.


NOTE: The first phase for LIS is for sheep, goats and deer


For details on how to set up an account: Click Here


To download these as a PDF: Click Here

Click here to download the accompanying slides to the video above

Livestock Information is Changing for Abattoirs

​The week before switch-over abattoirs will be asked to send final notifications to ARAMS on Friday 25th March (midnight);


  • All animals received into the abattoir must be reported on Friday 25th March, so the movement is completed on ARAMS 

  • Reminder emails will be sent to you from TDUG members Norman Bagley & Nick Allen and your 3rd party software provider 

  • Abattoirs will no longer be able to login and report to ARAMS 


NOTE: You MUST hold back all movement notifications from midnight Friday 25th March and Wednesday 30th March


On Wednesday 30th March abattoirs can start reporting to LIS. 


  • LIS website is active, registered abattoirs can login to the LIS website as they do today and all movement notifications will be sent to LIS 

  • The first time you log in (on any device), you will be prompted to enter the same email address and password used for LIS sign-up 

  • 3rd party software is activated, registered abattoirs can login to their 3rd party software as they do today and all movement notifications will be sent to LIS

Click here for a Livestock Information Service 'briefing paper' for all abattoirs in the red meat sector​