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1st July

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‘Bonfire of the barriers' to unlock new export markets worth tens of billions - Click Here


International Trade Secretary announces ambition to unlock export opportunities worth more than £20 billion by resolving around 100 priority trade barriers.


New drive aims to allow British farmers to sell beef in South Korea and lamb in China, opening up markets worth £4 billion a year.


Unlocking new markets and global customers means more opportunities for UK firms to grow their businesses and support local jobs. 


“That is why we are working hard on getting rid of barriers, including:


Opening the Chinese market for UK lamb for the first time, unlocking markets worth £1.5bn which would help businesses such as Pilgrims Lamb UK.


South Korea removing restrictions on UK beef for the first time, opening up markets worth £2.5bn – this is expected to be resolved within the next five years and could benefit businesses such as Northern Ireland based Foyle Food Group.


Unblocking difficult processes in Mongolia which prevented the export of UK poultry and fish, opening up a market worth £10m, helping Moy Park, a poultry exporter, to supply chicken to KFC Mongolia.”


Members may also find this press release from UK Export Finance: Click Here of interest: British businesses backed by £7.4 billion government support to export around the world: Click Here


Recommended Read: More funding for sustainable farm-based proteins, as George Eustice visits innovative farm: Click Here


The Environment Secretary will confirm that in July, £12.5m from the Farming Innovation Programme will be set aside for research and development focused on ‘sustainable farm-based proteins’, in partnership with UKRI this funding will be made available for farmers, growers, businesses and academics to collaborate on projects that seek to improve the efficiency and sustainability of farm-based protein production, including protein crops like beans and peas and traditional livestock production, in order to help boost domestic production of healthy and sustainable food.


This might be achieved through the development of new methane reducing feeds and supplements, or the breeding of new sustainable and resilient crops and livestock.


REMINDER: Members in England with farming interests and who are in receipt of BPS Payments should note that the Sustainable Farming Incentive is now open for applications: Click Here


Trade with Ukraine: Click Here


Proof of origin easement for imports from Ukraine have been announced:


Proof of origin easement for imports from Ukraine


Due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, we recognise that some Ukrainian exporters may not be able to obtain the duly endorsed certificates. This applies to exporters who do not hold Approved Exporter status and rely on EUR1 certificates to evidence the preferential origin of their goods.


In these cases, HMRC has introduced an easement enabling preference to be claimed by UK importers based on an unendorsed EUR1 certificate supported by alternative evidence that corroborates the originating status of the goods.


To claim preference under this easement UK importers must enter code ‘9UKR’ in Box 44 of the customs declaration if using CHIEF and data element 2/3 if using CDS.


AIMS Friday Insights


AIMS Friday Insight is a quick look at some of the market research, market reports and general updates from across the world of retail and foodservice which you may not have caught up on in the last 7 days.


BDO LLP Food & Drink Report 2022 – Resilience in the face of adversity


Optimism among Food and Drink manufacturers to be tested as economic conditions deteriorate


Seven out of ten leaders polled in our April 2022 Food and Drink manufacturers survey felt positive about the Food and Drink industry and nearly eight of ten their business. 


The reality is companies continue to face economic headwinds and the impacts of geopolitical events after surviving Brexit and COVID-19. It has been a tough few years for Food and Drink — and things are just as challenging, but businesses remain resilient in the face of adversity.


Through our survey of Food and Drink manufacturers we have learnt 53% expect to see an increase in orders over the coming year. 


And despite challenging difficult economic conditions, one third of companies are planning capital expenditure in production this year, seen as a key driver for growth alongside expansion into new markets outside the EU and within the UK.


In their latest Food and Drink Report we assess the sentiment of Food and Drink manufacturers in the UK, identifying the key challenges they are facing and the key drivers for growth. 


The report also addresses how the industry is approaching issues such as inflation, supply chain disruption, a tight labour market, cyber security and ESG, whilst keeping innovation and R&D at the forefront.


  • 79% say new product development, R&D and innovation are a key focus for their business: - Don’t forget truly innovative R&D is tax deductible.


  • 78% of food & drink manufacturers are positive about the prospects for their business.


  • 61% are experiencing difficulties in recruiting the people they need.


  • 33% say investment in production will offer new sales opportunities for their business: - Don’t forget to apply for the super-deduction.


  • 32% are seeking additional finance to counteract rising levels of inflation: - Check out the British Business Bank - Click Here NOTE: The Recovery Loan Scheme has now closed.


To find out how you compare against businesses in the food and drink industry, while taking in tips and insights from BDO experts: Click Here


And Finally…Some weekend reading


UK-New Zealand FTA: advice from Trade and Agriculture Commission


The Department for Independent Trade have published an independent report sets out advice from the Trade and Agriculture Commission on whether measures in the UK-New Zealand FTA are consistent with the maintenance of UK levels of statutory protection in relation to:


  • Animal or plant life or health

  • Animal welfare

  • Environmental protections


To read the report: Click Here

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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30th June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

Insurance Premiums


As several members know we are currently looking at ways to try to get member’s insurance premiums lowered. It is of note that NFU Mutual have included on their recent policies the following:


  • New definitions for pandemics, epidemics and coronavirus


  • The working in respect to General Exclusion 3 in the policy booklet has been updated to make it clear when cyber losses are included.


We advise that members check the wording of their policies closely.


We also note that the Gov.UK publication Fire safety in the workplace: Click Here was lasted updated for factories and warehouses: Click Here in 2006 and the Fire safety risk assessment: animal premises and stables: Click Here in 2007.


We will be seeking clarification from the insurers and the Association of Insurance Surveyors as to whether they are using the above guidance as the basis for their risk assessments and premium calculations when, it is likely, that some of the working practices that members operate to in terms of fire risk will have been updated.


Fuel Price Protests Planned – Monday 4th July


We understand that the protest group: Fuel Price Stand Against Tax: Click Here are planning a #4thjulyprotest against the rising price of fuel. They have 47,000 members on Facebook so will have quite a reach with promoting this protest. Their intention is run rolling road blocks on several main motorways to slow down traffic. 


Others on social media are trying to get other pools of labour to also protest about the cost of living on the same day.


We are monitoring the situation and will attempt to keep members updated as where possible delays may occur. We do think that the M25 and other motorways are likely to be affected.


HR Update


Support from HMRC


Paying the National Minimum Wage correctly and protecting your workers rights are vital parts of being an employer.   

HMRC know it isn’t always straight-forward, and mistakes are made. 

HMRC’s National Minimum Wage team, the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority and the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, all work to support employers in avoiding those mistakes and get things right first time. 

Protecting your business by protecting workers rights

HMRC are offering a live webinar to talk about some of the more common issues concerning payment of the minimum wage and the protection of workers rights. 


Experts will also be on hand to answer your questions and offer further help and support in getting things right.


The HMRC Webinar will be on Tuesday, 19th July 2022 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM.


To register for your free place: Click Here


Global Meat Alliance Insights June 2022


Click here for your GMA Monthly Insights Report for June in which they cover: 


COP27: There is an update and share our updated sector resources for COP27. 

  • Media engagement 

  • Key messages

  • Shareable assets 


  • Suggested action: View page 3 and click here to access all resources 


World Iron Awareness Week: 22-28 August 2022 - #WorldIronWeek

  • World Iron Awareness Week (WIAW) promotes the positive relationship between meat and optimising iron levels in those most vulnerable to deficiencies. 

  • GMA have developed a roadmap and a suite of tools to start promoting the global meat sector’s messages today. Together, we can use WIAW to amplify the positive association between meat and optimal health. 


  • Suggested action: View page 8 and click here to access all resources so you can leverage WIAW 


EAT 2.0 

  • New doco and book releases 

  • Mark your calendars - The Societal Role of Meat: Input into the rhetoric and dialogue.

  • Suggested action: Review page 4 and if date/location suits please get in touch to register your interest. 


You can locate all of our resources from this report on Trello Click Here or on the GMA Google Drive: Click Here


The intention with all resources, including the Big 5 summary tiles is for you to be able to paste these into your own communication channels as your own. If you have any feedback on how we can make these easier for you to use please let us know.  


You can also find a quick listen of the key issues, challenges and opportunities this month here. Please feel free to share this with your wider networks.




UK Energy Markets Monthly – Our review of energy markets, plus a discussion on the future direction for UK energy.


Date of event: Tuesday 5th July 2022 - 11:00 am - 11:45 am


A monthly update of the key drivers affecting the UK energy markets. Richard King outlines how and why the markets are moving, and looks ahead to the issues that will affect your energy prices. This month we will discuss the future direction of UK energy as we head into most peoples’ summer holiday period.


Why should you attend this webinar?


  • Listen to expert market insight into gas, electricity and oil price movements and what’s influencing them

  • Understand the driving forces behind energy prices and the decisions needed to mitigate risks

  • Hear about the future for UK energy and how your business future might be affected


To register for your free place: Click Here


And Finally…


AIMS Supplier Member, Roythornes Solicitors ( have published their latest 1 – 2 – 3 interview, this time with Phil Acock


Phil is Managing Director and the third generation of his family to run Fourayes - the largest grower and processor of fruit in the UK, and the largest grower and processor of English Bramley apples.


To read the interview: Click Here


The AIMS contact at Roythornes is Hannah Leese. Her contact details are as follows:


Direct Dial: 0115 9454420

Main: 01775 842500

Mobile: 07395 791118




Roythornes Solicitors – Specialists in Food Law

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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29th June - EXTRA - In association with Consider Energy & Social Comms UK 

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

Business Broadband | Telecoms | Mobiles | WiFi | Wordpress support


UK telecoms industry agrees plan to help struggling customers


The cost of living crisis is driving bills up across the board, this puts every business in a tricky situation, do you swallow the extra cost, or raise prices and perhaps price yourself out with your customers?


We are happy to report that we have some news that may well help here!


Some of the biggest mobile and broadband companies in the UK have recently agreed a plan: Click Here to help customers struggling to pay bills. This comes during the cost of living crisis and includes moves to allow switching to cheaper deals without paying a penalty.


As more companies allow staff to work from home, connectivity is key to ensuring the ability to work from home without challenges.


This will also apply to business broadband, both for home working and in the office, so it may well be time to take a look at better deals out there.


For Further information, please contact:


Adam Thompson

Office: 01484 810233

Direct: 01484 905251

Mobile: 07900 942682

29th June

DON’T FORGET TODAY -  Qurbani Webinar 2022


Wednesday 29th June 2:15 to 3:00


Join AHDB’s Awal Fuseini, AIMS Director Rizvan Khalid, AIMS staff Craig Kirby, Simon Dawson and Tony Goodger for an overview of this year’s Quarbani 


Please email if you would like to attend and he’ll forward you the teams invitation.


Meat’s opportunity to work harder online: Click Here


Following last week’s AHDB webinar on selling meat online they have now published a short blog.


With online is one of the fastest growing channels in grocery it is of note that red meat under-trades online and has specific barriers that prevent it from being bought more frequently. The consumer insights team look at the shopper journey for customers buying meat online and compare how it differs to shopping in store.


AHDB will be working with industry processors and retailers over the next few months to start implementing positive changes for the meat category online.


We will keep alongside this work as it is relevant for poultry and catering butcher members and ensure that you are regularly updated.


Site Security


We have been speaking with one of the abattoir members who has faced a few days of protests outside their site recently. The protestors were reasonably well briefed in terms of dealing with the local police and were allowed to continue with what they claimed was a peaceful protest.


Antisocial behaviour is defined as 'behaviour by a person which causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to persons not of the same household as the person' (Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 and Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 ).


The line between legitimate protesting and anti-social behaviour can be a fine one in certain circumstances. 


Section 2 (1) of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime, and Policing Act 2014 defines anti-social behaviour as:


(i) Conduct that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to any person

(ii) Conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to a person in relation to that person’s occupation of residential premises, 

(iii) Conduct capable of causing housing-related nuisance or annoyance to any person. Although the definition appears to be relatively wide, the position is that peaceful protesting does not amount to anti-social behaviour and it does not justify the use of powers such as the power under s.50 of the Police Reform Act 2002 to ask a protestor for their name and address.


The police have the power to disperse protests through the use of direction orders under s.35 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. 


To use the powers conferred by s.35, authorisation must be given by a police officer of at least the rank of inspector under s.34 of the Act. 


The relevant authority can extend over a ‘specified locality’ during a specified period of not more than 48 hours. 


The relevant officer may give such authorisation only if satisfied on reasonable grounds that the use of those powers in the locality during the relevant period may be necessary for the purpose of removing or reducing the likelihood of: 


  • Members of the public in the locality being harassed, alarmed or distressed

  • The occurrence in the locality of crime or disorder.


When authorisation is in place, a constable in uniform may use the powers under s.35 if he or she is satisfied of the following conditions: 


(i) The constable has reasonable grounds to suspect that the behaviour of the person in the locality has contributed or is likely to contribute to members of the public in the locality being harassed, alarmed or distressed, or the occurrence in the locality of crime or disorder. 

(ii) The constable considers that giving a direction to the person is necessary for the purpose of removing or reducing the likelihood of the events mentioned above.


If the above conditions are met, the constable may direct a person who is in the specified locality to leave the locality or not return to it. The police officer giving the direction must inform the person that failure to comply without a reasonable excuse amounts to an offence, unless it is not reasonably practicable to do so at the time.


We know that the protestors were taking pictures of privately owned vehicles belong to site staff as they entered and exited the site, an action which could be considered to be causing harassment, alarm or distress.


We advise members who are experiencing site protests or suspect site surveillance from outside the curtilage of your premises to work with your local police and ask that they consider issuing anti-social banning orders.


You may also wish to refer them to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014: Anti-social behaviour powers Statutory guidance for frontline professionals: Click Here



Consider Water are always here to help AIMS Members save time, money and effort in managing your water services. 


4 ways they can help


  1. If you’re not already, entering a contract can save you money straight away.


  1. Consolidate multiple supplies, water and waste to reduce administrative time and future renewal options easier.


  1. Once you know you’re getting better rates, review your consumption. Roughly 90% of water charges go directly to the wholesaler – using less can make a huge difference.


  1. Our full account management service saves you time and stress, removing the time spent waiting for returned calls/emails, being passed to different departments and dealing with multiple contacts.


For Further information, please contact:


Adam Thompson

Office: 01484 810233

Direct: 01484 905251

Mobile: 07900 942682

AHDB hosts visit to explore opportunities for pork in Mexico 


One of Mexico’s biggest meat processors met with industry leaders in the UK last week to learn more about our country’s pork sector.


Senior leaders from SuKarne Click Here took part in a two-day mission to London to hear from experts at AHDB, government officials and pork processors about a range of topics – including antibiotic usage, production methods and the UK’s export capabilities.


For further information about exporting pork to Mexico please contact:


Susana Morris - Senior Export Manager - Americas (Livestock)


Phone: 024 7647 8618


For the Export pig meat to Mexico: certificate 8149: Click Here


Midweek Market News


Brazilian beef production increases as exports continue to flourish: Click Here


In relation to the above we asked Urner Barry for their thoughts, these were: “Very interesting.  The thought here is that Brazil will continue to ship meat, store it in bond and then clear it in early January of next year which could fill  the other country quota category within a day or so.  Not great for others wanting to get access to the US market under the “other country “ quota category (includes Ireland and I think UK)”


A point echoed by AHDB’s Phil Hadley: “That’s exactly what they appear to be doing. So Jan will see swift quota usage and the issue has every chance of continuing into ’23. Others will do likewise in reality but not good for long term trade.”


EU pig prices seek direction: Click Here


We have a duty to fix the problems of the Northern Ireland protocol: article by Liz Truss: Click Here


“We will fix problems in 4 areas: 


  • Customs and agri-food checks

  • Regulation

  • Subsidy control and VAT

  • Governance. 


On customs, this bill creates a green and red lane system. That means goods destined solely for Northern Ireland will be freed from bureaucracy while those headed on to the EU will go through full customs procedures.


All data will be shared with the EU in real time as the goods depart from Britain. We already have this system in place and are giving demonstrations to businesses and the EU to show how it works.” 

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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28th June - EXTRA - New Service Provider

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

We are delighted to introduce members to a new service provider, Envantage: Energy & Carbon Consultants.


Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction and Meeting Regulatory Obligations


With so many of our members facing pressure to reduce energy, cost and carbon emissions and meet compliance, AIMS has partnered with energy and low carbon consultancy Envantage to provide specialist knowledge and best practice specifically for the UK meat and poultry industry. 


In recent survey, 69% of businesses told us they were experiencing increased energy costs and 77% said their current provider did not support them with energy saving schemes.


Envantage will support AIMS members to find out more about everything from energy and power infrastructure to optimising energy usage, reducing carbon, and meeting regulatory obligations. 


The team at Envantage can also answer questions about compliance or access to energy discount schemes.


The world of energy isn’t always straightforward, particularly for major users, but Envantage prides itself on being easy to work with. The firm tailors its approach around each client to deliver maximum efficiencies and cost savings, for both everyday challenges to longer-term ambitions.


Envantage can help AIMS members in four key areas:


A strategic approach to carbon and energy reduction

Helping to identify the specific changes that will help to reduce carbon, as well as how to optimise energy usage and reduce costs. This includes: Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality, Greenhouse Gas Quantification, Energy Audits, Onsite generation, ISO Energy Management Standards, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Metering and Monitoring, and EnCO™ Accredited Training.


Compliance with a commercial edge

Joining the dots between what you must do from a regulatory perspective and what makes sense from a commercial perspective to deliver maximum benefits. The includes: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)


Reducing green taxation in your energy costs

Help securing qualification for compensation schemes that can secure significant savings on your energy bills. Over and above the Climate Change Levy (CCL) reduction you may already receive, there are additional schemes helping companies save hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds each year off their energy bills. This includes: Climate Change Agreements (CCA) and Green tax reduction (EII).


Connections, supply upgrades, metering & infrastructure 

Ensure your costs do not spiral when your gas and electricity demand increases. Whether moving to different premises, installing new plant and equipment, or connecting generation equipment such as solar PV, wind turbines, biomass systems, CHP, or battery storage, we can help.


Our team ensures accredited contractors under the Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS) and National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) work on your behalf – which offer more competitive rates and faster service delivery than the traditional gas and electricity distribution network operators.


Our experts can also help you to satisfy your regulatory obligations whilst helping to minimise supply outages on private High Voltage Networks by arranging Control Operation and Maintenance Agreements (COMAs) via our trusted network of approved HV contractors, ensuring you are compliant with the Electricity at Work Act 1989.


AIMS MEMBERS: For an initial introduction, contact Jessica Harris, Senior Carbon Consultant


Mobile: 07816 160291 

Landline: 0161 448 7722




Envantage: Energy Markets Monthly webinars


On the 2nd Tuesday of every month, Envantage run a free webinar looking at Energy Markets. The webinar includes insights from their experts about what’s important in UK energy.


The next webinar will be Tuesday 12th July – Registration details to follow.


To listen back to their June webinar: Click Here

28th June

Inaugural report on UK food standards cautions of challenges ahead: Click Here


The report Click Here is made up of five main chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of the UK’s food system. It is important to remember that the report was written prior to the Ukraine conflict and therefore it’s impact is not included.


Chapter 1: The nation's plate, our diet and food choices today


Chapter 2: Going Global, food imports and their impact on the standards


Chapter 3: Safe and sound, the latest trends in food incidents and food crime


Chapter 4: Informing consumers, latest developments in food labelling and information


Chapter 5: Keeping it clean, hygiene standards in food and feed establishments


We have been through the report and note some of the following:


  • Workforce recruitment and retention also present challenges. The FSA and FSS are implementing measures to recruit and retain official veterinarians and meat hygiene inspectors while also supporting local authority efforts to do the same for environmental health and trading standards officers. We will review the progress made across these areas. NOTE: They failed to mention the recruitment and retention of meat processing staff


  • Many consumers reported that they are adopting a ‘flexitarian’ diet – that is, eating mostly plant-based foods while eating meat and other animal products only occasionally. In the UK, 25% of the public described themselves as “still eating but cutting down on meat, dairy and animal products”. A further 5% already identify as vegetarian, 3% say they are pescatarian and 2% vegan


  • What are some of the big challenges to food hygiene standards in the years ahead? 


1. The first key risk is workforce shortages. The pandemic and EU Exit have highlighted the challenges in recruiting and retaining sufficient numbers of well-trained staff. Many local authorities face difficulties hiring qualified staff to carry out inspections, and there have been similar problems recruiting and retaining official veterinarians (OVs) and meat hygiene inspectors (MHIs) in recent years. We will review the impact of recruitment and retention initiatives via analysis of workforce data in future reports. 


2. The second key risk is the growth of online commerce. With a wide variety of online selling routes now opening up, including via aggregators, online marketplaces and social media platforms, it is becoming ever harder for enforcement authorities to have oversight of all food businesses operating online. In response, FSS and the FSA are working with local authorities and technology providers to understand the scale and changing nature of the online food market and assess any risks this may pose to food safety. Again, we will review progress in future reports.


  • The most recent audit data available for approved meat establishments indicates compliance in excess of 98% in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 85% in Scotland. In respect of dairy establishments, the distribution of dairy establishment types differs between England, Wales and Northern Ireland can contribute to a variation in compliance levels. The most recent rating data available indicates compliance in excess of 80% in England and Wales, and 99% in Northern Ireland. The absence of the need for formal enforcement action suggests high levels of compliance in Scotland. This means that the vast majority of these meat and dairy establishments are operating safely.


  • Recent evidence review found that the strongest motives for reducing meat and dairy consumption were to improve health and for animal welfare reasons, although health reasons were a weaker driver for reducing dairy intake compared to meat. Only a small minority of consumers reported that their primary goal in reducing their consumption of meat and dairy was protecting the environment. However, this was due to low consumer awareness of how, and how much, the production of meat and dairy impacts the environment, as well as the belief that other actions were more important


Grimsby and Immingham port


Defra wish to assure traders that they will continue to be able to import via Grimsby and Immingham as you do now. 


As some members may be aware, Associated British Ports (ABP) circulated a letter on 13th June 2022, announcing their decision to close Grimsby Border Control Post (BCP) on 30th June 2022 and their current intention not to open the new BCP that has been constructed in Immingham.


Defra are working at speed, together with the North East Lincolnshire Council Port Health Authority, to put in place BCP facilities to maintain continuity of all necessary import controls at the Grimsby / Immingham Port.


They have taken this action because they recognise the huge importance to Grimsby and the surrounding area of imports, including those coming from rest of world countries for which border controls must be applied before these goods can be imported into Great Britain.


They are also aware that there is a significant volume of consignments already enroute to Grimsby and Immingham. Trade that would have been directly and imminently affected by the decision announced the other week by ABP will now be able to continue.


Should you have any questions or queries about this in the meantime, please email


Seasonal Worker visa route request for information (RFI) Click Here


NOTE: Defra defines the seasonal poultry sector as work related to poultry slaughtered and processed in the pre-Christmas period.


The government has concluded that the appropriate number of operators for the visa route is 5 horticultural operators and 2 poultry operators. These operators will manage the recruitment of seasonal workers through this visa route.


In terms of the time table for appointing 2 poultry operators for 2022 this is as follows


18 July 2022 – Deadline for poultry potential operator responses

19 – 31 July – Defra assesses responses

1 August 2022 – Defra sends recommendations to Home Office for due diligence


Once the Home Office have made a decision we’ll ensure that all AIMS Poultry members are sent the contact details for the operators.


For the poultry sector, operators can use the visa route to recruit seasonal workers for the role of:


  • butcher

  • bird or game dresser

  • killer or plucker

  • poulterer

  • poultry processor

  • poultry sticker

  • trusser

  • food operative

  • poultry catcher or handler

  • poultry vaccinator

  • poultry meat packer


Operators cannot hire a seasonal worker for work:


  • that requires labour all year round

  • in offices or other administrative spaces


We remain disappointed that once again Defra and the Home Office seem to have not taken the best interests of the sector into account. We asked that the Visa scheme cover up to 5,000 staff but have only been promised 2,000. We also asked that the scheme begin in July this year and run through to 31st December thereby allowing for businesses to try to recruit staff for the busier summer period. Again, this has not been accepted by the Home Office.


We are now looking at alternative routes for temporary workers which won’t require members to use the Government appointed labour providers. However, this could take some time. We will keep you all updated.


To read further details on what has been announced: Click Here


The Home Office has also announced “An inspection of the immigration system as it relates to the agricultural sector” Click Here


The scope will be limited to the areas that are the direct responsibility of the Home Office. In particular, the inspection will focus on:


  • The effectiveness of the immigration routes available for agricultural workers, including through the skilled worker route and the seasonal worker route, to support the UK’s agricultural sector


  • The extent and quality of communication and engagement between the Home Office and the agricultural sector


  • The effectiveness of compliance requirements on sponsors, and how the Home Office assures itself that sponsors of migrant agricultural workers are upholding requirements, including those relating to worker welfare and employment conditions.


The inspection team anticipates reporting to the Home Secretary by September


Navigating the Volatility of the European Pork Market – Wednesday 29th June 2022 10:00 to 11:00 – A Mintec on-line event. Free to attend and open to all AIMS members


Increasing input costs, limited European demand, and African Swine Fever troubles are among the factors contributing to ongoing uncertainty within the pork market. 


High input costs are a challenge throughout the industry; however, price upside is capped by an oversupply of pork, and seasonal demand in Europe has not increased as expected. 


These factors create considerable uncertainty about where the market will be heading next. 


Mintec seeks to clarify market participants in these challenging times by hosting a free webinar to cover the European pork market comprehensively. 


This session will provide important information about: 


  • The global supply & demand picture European price updates and Mintec assessment methodology 


  • African Swine Fever’s impact on European producers 


  • Risk management opportunities 


  • Short-term market outlook according to market participants 


  • Cost challenges in the pork industry


To register for your free place: Click Here


Labour Shortages in the Food and Farming Sector: Click Here


Letters between the chair of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) and the then acting chair of the EFRA select committee in response to the EFRA report have been published;


“Your letter noted that the MAC’s Framework Document permits the MAC to engage in work of its choosing and to comment on the operation of any aspect of the immigration system. You have suggested that we use that ability to conduct an inquiry into the labour needs of the food and farming sector.


You may be aware that we are expecting that the Home Office will shortly commission the MAC to undertake a full update of the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) and that review will cover the occupations (all those skilled at RQF3 and above) within the food and farming sectors that are able to use the migration system. If that review is commissioned within a timely fashion, then we expect that will offer the best opportunity to secure cross Government support to address the labour market needs of the food and farming sector, along with a wide range of other sectors within the economy.”


We will of course be sending our views on the current availability of labour and it’s impacts on members to the MAC once the review is announced. We may also ask members who are in the constituencies of MAC members to also make submissions.


AHDB Retail Red Meat Dashboard


The latest AHDB Retail Red Meat Dashboard showing household purchases has now been published.


For Beef: Click Here


For Lamb: Click Here


For Pork: Click Here


AHDB have also published details for their 2022 Summer BBQ Campaign: Click Here


BBQ campaign focuses on showing the deliciousness, ease and versatility of   cooking steaks on the barbecue and how to make your own burgers and koftas at home. 


They’ve developed and tested step-by-step prepping, flavouring and cooking methods so that consumers can feel confident and overcome cooking barriers. 


AHDB hope to reassure that everybody can put together a tasty and stress-free BBQ this summer.  

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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27th June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

Swine vesicular disease: how to spot and report it: Click Here


Following further official testing swine vesicular disease has been negated at a premises near Feltwell, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Norfolk and the 10km Temporary Control Zone has been revoked. 


The premises remains under restriction pending the outcome of further tests.


Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to host UK House: The Commonwealth Business Hub: Click Here


The first event of its kind, UK House will champion solutions across eight areas of strategic importance and showcase opportunities for sustainable growth, trade and investment.


Each day at UK House will focus on opportunities including the Food and Drink sector: Click Here


To register interest in attending: Click Here


Government falls short on labour shortages – MPs 


In its response to the EFRA committee’s labour shortages report Click Here published in April, the government does not accept the committee’s recommendation to lower the English language requirement for Skilled Worker Visa applicants in the food and farming sector such as butchers. It also rejects the committee’s recommendation to undertake a “lessons learnt” exercise on the temporary short-term visa schemes established last autumn. The government also turns down the committee’s recommendation to make the Seasonal Workers Pilot a permanent scheme. 


We will continue to push for a system whereby butchers can come to the UK and learn English Language whilst working.


To read EFRA’s full response: Click Here


To read EFRA’s letter to the Home Office: Click Here


Pork exports to the Philippines up on record year: Click Here


According to the latest figures from HMRC, between January and April, the amount of pig meat shipped to the country in Southeast Asia increased 46%, to 13,812 tonnes.


The Philippines is now the UK’s second largest non-EU pork export market, behind China. Last year, almost £38 million worth of pork was shipped to the Philippines – a fourfold increase on 2020.


Export non bovine meat, meat products and meat preparations to the Philippines: certificate 4835: Click Here


Export beef to the Philippines: certificate 8055: Click Here


Members in Scotland


Supporting innovation in agriculture: Click Here


The programme will invest in varied innovative projects, including:


  • Greenhouse Gas Reductions for agriculture and livestock

  • Crops for vertical farms, which will help to produce a wide range of economically valuable crops

  • Vaccine research into animal diseases, including Bovine Respiratory Disease


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:


“The Scottish Government provides significant funding to our major research institutes to explore issues such as planet and animal health, and food security. In total, we are investing more than £200 million in the next five years, which will support over 150 projects.”


“They cover issues which are of central concern to the agriculture sector such as the resilience of livestock to climate change; how to reduce climate change emissions from farming and livestock; and the way in which anti-microbial resistance and pathogens spread into the food chain, and then into humans.”


Members in Northern Ireland


Apply now for free training courses through Skill Up: Click Here


If you’re aged 18 and over and eligible to work in Northern Ireland, a range of free accredited courses are available to help you re-train and re-skill, through SKILL UP – the flexible skills programme.


There are up to 7000 free places available until end of June 2023 with many more to follow in the next few years.


Opportunities are available from entry to postgraduate levels, focussing on skills identified by industry, linked to priority economic sectors, including:


  • Digital skills

  • Green technologies

  • Healthcare and life sciences

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Leadership and management


Most courses will be delivered online and will provide an opportunity to re-skill and upskill into areas where job growth is expected to be high as we emerge from the impact of coronavirus.


To see the full list of courses: Click Here


Members in Wales


Wales extends COVID-19 testing throughout July: Click Here


Tests will be available to the public that are showing symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature a new, continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste), alongside free access for people visiting someone eligible for new COVID-19 treatments.


The announcement comes following a rise in cases, with The Office for National Statistics recent survey reporting an increase in cases across the UK. An estimated 1 in 45 people in Wales currently have COVID-19.


The emergence of the BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants are also contributing to this increase as they become more dominant across the UK.


Self-isolation payments of £500 will end on Thursday 30th June 2022, whilst the COVID-19 Statutory Sick Pay Enhancement scheme will be extended until Wednesday 31st August 2022


National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Threat Report 24th June 2022: Click Here


With the rise in Coronavirus cases the NHS has warned the public about scam text messages that falsely tell recipients they have been in close contact with a coronavirus case and should order a test kit.


Cyber criminals are opportunistic and sadly continue to exploit concerns around the pandemic to trick people into sharing their personal or financial details.


It’s vital the public remains vigilant to this threat, and we urge people to report suspicious messages by forwarding suspect texts to ‘7726’ and emails to


To read the NCSC Blog on Phishing: Click Here


NOTE: The NCSC are now publishing their threat report fortnightly and not weekly


And Finally…From the USA


Scottish Farmer carried a story on-line yesterday about the development of a $1.1 billion abattoir planned for the United States with capacity to process 8000 cattle per day: Click Here


The US beef supply chain has been in the spotlight after Covid-19 outbreaks temporarily shut slaughterhouses in early 2020, leaving farmers with nowhere to deliver cattle and consumers facing meat shortages.


The ‘big four’ companies – Cargill, Tyson Foods Inc, JBS SA, and National Beef Packing Co – slaughter about 85% of all US fed cattle, according to industry data. The administration has blamed a lack of competition in the sector for rising food prices.


But some industry analysts said the plant may struggle to find labour, develop supply chain relationships from scratch, and be profitable amid tighter cattle supplies.

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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24th June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

National Cyber Security Centre – Threat Report Issued


The NSA in partnership with cybersecurity technical authorities including the NCSC, have issued a joint advisory Click Here strongly recommending that Microsoft Windows operators and administrators properly configure and monitor PowerShell.


This is to prevent and detect abuse within PowerShell during this period of heightened cyber threat.


To read a full copy of the joint advisory: Click Here


The report outlines security features in PowerShell that help with protecting credentials, remote management configuration, anti-virus scanning and logging.

Foot and mouth disease: how to spot and report it: Click Here


Following suspicion of vesicular disease in pigs, and as a precaution to prevent the spread of disease, a 10 km Temporary Control Zone has been declared around a premises Near Feltwell, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Norfolk.




HR Manager’s Update


Click here for a copy of the slides used at AIMS Employment Law supplier member, Collingwood Legal’s webinar: Top Tips on Managing Performance” webinar.


Collingwood Legal’s next webinar is “Top Tips in Dealing with Employment Tribunal Claims” at 10 – 11am on 7 July 2022: Click Here


The session aims to provide you useful top tips on:


  • Understanding the terms, protocols and jargon used

  • The tribunal process, what to expect and how best to manage this

  • Meeting the various deadlines

  • Preparing your case

  • Drafting witness statements

  • The final hearing itself, and good practice tips.


They will provide guidance as to the Tribunal process more generally and how best to manage the process if you are brought to the Tribunal.


There will also be an opportunity to ask questions of our specialist employment lawyers.


AIMS Contact at Collingwood Legal is Jane Sinnamon. Her contact details are:

Direct Dial: 0191 282 2884
Mobile: 07788586707


Please also take time to visit the Collingwood Legal Website:


With the current warm weather, members may wish to refer to Acas’s tips for employers to manage hot weather at work: Click Here


Members may also be interested in this press release from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS): Government acts to make it easier for businesses to use temporary staff to help ease disruptions caused by strike action: Click Here




How businesses can prepare for the digitalisation of international trade


Trade digitalisation has become a key concern for national and international governing bodies around the world.

In the UK, the government has set out ambitious plans to accelerate the digitalisation of its borders as part of its approach to introducing checks on EU goods entering Britain and as part of its wider 2025 border strategy.

It is estimated that digitalising trade date could add 1% to UK GDP, freeing up £224bn in efficiency savings and making trade more accessible to UK businesses.

In this free 45-minute webinar on Wednesday 29th June, the Institute of Export & International Trade and PDMS will discuss what trade digitalisation could like in the UK and what steps businesses need to take to prepare.

It will cover:

  • Why digitalisation matters

  • What is meant by digitalising trade

  • What this will mean for businesses

  • Practical steps firms can take to prepare

There will be live Q&A during this webinar.

To register for free: Click Here

Members in Scotland


Safeguarding food security: Click Here


The findings of a taskforce set up to respond to any potential disruption to food security and supply, resulting from Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, have been published.


The Food Security and Supply Taskforce, set up jointly with the food and drink industry, found that - while there is greater strain on the food supply chain than has been seen for many years - immediate supplies of food and animal feed in Scotland are secure.


To read the full report: Click Here


AIMS Friday Insights – Pride Month


AIMS Friday Insight is a quick look at some of the market research, market reports and general updates from across the world of retail and foodservice which you may not have caught up on in the last 7 days.


June is of course Pride month and as I research the weekly supermarket prices I can’t but notice that they have all changed their logos to reflect their support. Of course, the Equality Act protects the rights of employees and employers have, rightly, moved their recruitment policies to be fully inclusive. Let’s face it, labour is in such short supply, now, more than ever, employers must make their workplaces both safe and appealing. With this in mind the last AIMS Friday Insight of the month looks at the recent research from the job and company insight platform ‘Glassdoor’: Click Here which shows that self-education and inclusive benefits are key to being a better LGBTQ+ ally at work


  • Just 40% LGBTQ+ workers in the UK feel comfortable expressing and celebrating their identity at work.


  • As companies continue to face a hiring crisis, businesses should note that 39% of those who identify as LGBTQ+ would not look for a new job if they feel able to bring their whole self to work.


  • Furthermore, a lack of allyship is compounding the fear of being authentic at work. One in four (26%) non-LGBTQ+ identifying employees would not feel comfortable calling someone out for their negative views or actions towards the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace. 


  • The research also revealed that more than a fifth of non-LGBTQ+ employees (22%) do not feel educated enough or equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to be an ally in the workplace.


  • A third (36%) of LGBTQ+ identifying employees believe that positive communications and discussions around the LGBTQ+ community at work do not extend past Pride Month (June).


With this in mind, Glassdoor also analysed how employees and companies can better support LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace. The research found that the perceived effectiveness of allyship by non-LGBTQ+ identifying workers does not match the opinions of those from the LGBQT+ community.


  • LGBTQ+ identifying workers say the most effective way to show allyship at work is self-education about gender identity, sexuality and bias in your own spare time (68%).


  • The second most effective method is inviting people to speak and share their experiences (67%). One in ten non-identifying LGBTQ+ workers thought this method to be ineffective (9%).


  • Two-thirds of LGBTQ+ identifying employees (65%) said that discussing gender identity and sexuality in the workplace is a good way to be an ally at work.


LGBTQ+ workers believe small actions can have a significant impact


The research also highlighted that employees who identify as LGBTQ+ consider some methods of allyship to be much more effective than those who are not part of the community.


  • While six in ten LGBTQ+ workers (60%) said putting pronouns on zoom or email signatures helped improve the workplace experience, just a third (34%) of those outside the LGBTQ+ community thought this action showed allyship.


  • This disparity also exists for using gender-neutral greetings (60% for LGBQT+ identifying workers versus 40% for non-identifying) and sharing messages of support on social media (59% versus 39%).


Failure to support LGBTQ+ employees will negatively impact hiring


Companies lacking clear, year-round diversity and inclusion policies could find hiring more difficult.


  • One in five UK workers (20%) say they would not work at a company that does not address or support its LGBTQ+ employee population. This figure doubles to 39% amongst the LGBTQ+ community.


  • According to LGBTQ+ identifying employees, the best way that companies can address and support their needs is by introducing LGBTQ+ inclusive benefits (70%). Nearly two-fifths (37%) said it would be ‘very effective’.


  • Benefits could include parental leave, transgender-inclusive healthcare, healthcare benefits for domestic partners, gender-affirming healthcare, fertility support and adoption leave.


  • Other ways to support LGBTQ+ employees include not assuming gender or sexuality in everyday conversations (67%), LGBTQ+ competency training to teach allyship strategies and best practices around gender identity (65%), and LGBTQ+ resource groups to foster colleagues’ support (63%).


Those from outside the LGBTQ+ community considered every method of support to be less effective than those within the community.


To read Glassdoor’s research in full: Click Here


They have also published a couple of blogs which members may find interesting:


10 Ways to Support LGBT Employees: Click Here


Guide to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Click Here


And Finally…COP 27


The Global Meat Alliance (GMA) have been working to support the meat industry on engagement and alignment ahead of COP27.


The next GMA Presents to hear from Nick Gardner, Senior Vice President of Sustainability and Multilateral Affairs at the U.S. Dairy Export Council. Nick will update us on the latest news around COP27 but more specifically, a planned on-the-ground reception event which will centre around sustainable livestock.


This is a collective opportunity to not only engage with the event plans and leverage messaging but also to provide input on keynote speakers, best practice and industry initiatives and commitments.


The GMA Presents zoom session will be held on July 14 (6.30am AEST), July 13 (4.30pm EDT, 8.30pm GMT).


To register to attend the presentation: Click Here

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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23rd June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

Re-inventing on-line meat shopping


Click here for the slide deck from yesterday’s AHDB re-inventing on-line meat shopping presentation. You can also watch back the presentation (highly recommended). To do this: Click Here


Poultry Members Note: Much of the presentations messages transfer across to the poultry category so do please take a moment to look at the slides and the webinar recording.


Members in Northern Ireland


EM supplementing EU regulation 2019/1009 (C(2022)1437): Click Here


Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 (defined in this EM as ‘The Regulation’) laid down rules on the making available on the market of EU fertilising products. 


It will repeal Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council. 


The regulation Click Here will apply in Northern Ireland from Saturday 16th July 2022 when it comes into effect in the EU. In view of the Northern Ireland Protocol, this regulation is directly applicable in Northern Ireland


EM on EU regulation 2019/1009 (7575/22, C(2022)1422): Click Here references COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION amending Annexes II, III and IV to Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 of the European Parliament and of the Council for the purpose of adding recovered high purity materials as a component material category in EU fertilising products: Click Here


The high purity material shall be recovered from waste generated and include:


substances and mixtures, other than waste within the meaning of Article 3, point 1, of Directive 2008/98/EC; 

  • plants or plant parts; 

  • bio-waste within the meaning of Article 3, point 4, of Directive 2008/98/EC, resulting from separate bio-waste collection at source; 

  • urban and domestic waste waters within the meaning of Article 2, points 1 and 2, respectively, of Directive 91/271/EEC (**),; 

  • sludge within the meaning of Article 2, point (a), of Directive 86/278/EEC (***), which displays no hazardous properties listed in Annex III to Directive 2008/98/EC; 

  • waste within the meaning of Article 3, point 1, of Directive 2008/98/EC, and fuels input to a waste co-incineration plant as defined in Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (****) and operated according to the conditions of that Directive, on condition that these inputs display no hazardous properties listed in Annex III to Directive 2008/98/EC; (vii) Category 2 or Category 3 materials or derived products thereof, in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 32(1) and (2) and in the measures referred to in Article 32(3) of Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009, provided that the off-gases are derived from a composting or digestion process in accordance with CMCs 3 and 5, respectively, in Annex II to this Regulation; 

  • manure within the meaning of Article 3, point 20, of Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 or derived products thereof; or 

  • livestock housing facilities

COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) …/... of 22.3.2022 amending Annexes II, III and IV to Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 of the European Parliament and of the Council for the purpose of adding recovered high purity materials as a component material category in EU fertilising products: Click Here acknowledges that the initiative feeds into the measures announced in the 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan5 , one of the main blocks of the European Green Deal , as it creates new opportunities for the use of by-products and of recovered waste, contributing to the well-functioning of the EU market for secondary raw materials.


So, what does this mean?


In short, abattoir members in Northern Ireland can, from Saturday 16th July 2022, send their waste, bedding etc to fertilizer manufacturers for them to process into high-purity fertilizer.


Department for International Trade (DIT)


DIT have issued a Joint Statement on UK-Thailand Joint Economic and Trade Committee: Click Here


Within the statement it said: Food and Drink – “The Ministers noted the strong potential of the food and drink sector to contribute to bilateral trade between the two countries. Given the appetite on both sides to enhance trade in this sector, the Ministers viewed that further trade and economic cooperation should be fostered, with relevant discussions and activities to be jointly explored.”


At present there are EHC’s for Thailand covering:




DIT also issued a press release: UK launches ambitious trade deal with Gulf nations: Click Here


The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is made up of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


To read the Free Trade Agreement The UK’s Strategic Approach document: Click Here


Within the press release it said: “UK-GCC deal would mean significant benefits for British farmers and producers, as the Gulf is highly dependent on imported food. British food and drink exports to GCC countries were worth £625 million last year, and a deal could significantly reduce or remove tariffs on UK food and drink exports.”


Current EHC’s for Bahrain include:




Current EHC’s for Kuwait include:



Current EHC’s for Oman include:


  • Non-ruminant red meat and meat products (This covers pork and products): Click Here


Current EHC’s for Qatar include:



  • Export meat and meat products to Qatar: Click Here This covers the export of fresh or frozen beef, pork, lamb, goat or products containing these meats


Current EHC’s for Saudi Arabia include:



  • Export poultry meat, meat preparations and mechanically recovered poultry meat: Click Here


Current EHC’s for UAE include:


  • Export non ruminant red meat and meat products (This covers pork and products): Click Here 


  • Export deboned bovine fresh meat and meat products: Click Here


  • Export poultry meat and poultry meat products: Click Here


  • Export ovine meat and meat products: Click Here


Hundreds of Scottish businesses set to benefit as UK launches trade deal with Gulf nations: Click Here


A free trade deal with the Gulf nations offers massive potential for Scotland’s farmers, as the region imports 90% of the beef and lamb it consumes. Reduced tariffs could help us export more great Scottish produce, getting beef reared in Aberdeenshire onto supermarket shelves in Abu Dhabi.


Transport Managers


Severe depression and driving: Click Here


Please speak with your drives as they must tell DVLA if they have severe depression.


Whilst it is the driver and not the company who could be fined, the last thing any of you want is drivers with medical conditions in company vehicles.


NOTE: You can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell DVLA about a medical condition that affects your driving. You may be prosecuted if you’re involved in an accident as a result.


Statement from the FSA - Smokies - Update on progress of the industry proposal to consider changes to the legislation to allow the production of skin-on sheep meat in GB


The production of skin-on sheep meat (smokies) is prohibited under retained Regulation (EC) 853/2004. 


In 2020 a proposal was shared with the FSA by an industry-led working group, chaired by the National Sheep Association, on skin-on sheep to consider domestic changes in legislation to allow for the production of skin-on sheep meat in the UK. 


The FSA were unable to progress the proposal immediately as the UK was in the transition period, including transferring responsibility for food and feed safety risk assessments from the EU. Until the end of the EU Exit Transition Period on 31 December 2020 the UK was required to follow EU law, including those pertaining to the hygienic production of sheep meat. 


Before any legislative change can be considered, our risk analysis process must be followed to ensure that there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that a legislative change is appropriate on safety grounds.


FSA policy officials in Wales, England and NI, working with Food Standards Scotland (FSS), have been gathering information to establish whether the proposal provides sufficient evidence to trigger the FSA’s risk analysis process. 


Officials have now submitted this information to the FSA’s risk analysts who will assess the evidence. Reviewing the proposal and evidence may also identify gaps where additional evidence is required to complete a robust risk assessment. 


With regards to the timescales, we expect the initial findings to be available by the autumn. We will then be able to provide a further update to stakeholders. In the meantime if you have any queries please contact


The view of the NSA on this statement is as follows: “FSA have acted appallingly regarding this process and appear to be unaccountable.  We submitted the protocols to them in Feb 2020 – over 2 years ago, and at the time, knowing we were in the Transition Period they said they would consider and get back to us in a couple of months.  Since then every request I’ve made to them has been met by a suggestion that it would be a ‘couple of weeks’ before we get feedback.  So now they say they have just finished an assessment of whether the protocols need a risk analysis. And they conveniently ignore the fact that the market is currently being served by products that don’t meet the protocols that provide food assurance. “


This is a debate which will no doubt run and run but we will keep members updated and are also interested to know your views please

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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22nd June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

Qurbani 2022


FSA consults about supply of Qurbani meat and offal during Eid al-Adha: Click Here


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published a consultation on whether changes should be introduced to the chilling requirements of Qurbani meat and offal supplied from slaughterhouses in England and Wales during the period of Eid al-Adha, 9th to 10th July 2022.


For details about the consultation: Click Here




Wednesday 29th June 2:15 to 3:00


Join AHDB’s Awal Fuseini, AIMS Director Rizvan Khalid, AIMS staff Craig Kirby, Simon Dawson and Tony Goodger for an overview of this year’s Quarbani 


Please email if you would like to attend and he’ll forward you the teams invitation.


Midweek Market News


We attended last evenings Agri-Briefing webinar Understanding The Poultry Market. To watch a recording: Click Here


NOTE: The presentation included details about a business in Chile, AgroSuper. To check their website: Click Here


There was also some great chat on Avian Influenza


UK pig meat production higher in May: Click Here


UK sheep meat trade balance remains positive in April: Click Here


New Zealand Trade and Production: Click Here


FSA Research


The FSA has commissioned a piece of research which may result in some members receiving a call from a business called IFF Research: Click Here


This is starting from this week.


  • IFF research is an independent social and market research company appointed by the FSA to consider the opinion from external stakeholders.  

  • IFF will conduct 400 survey interviews and 60 in-depth interviews with meat, wine, dairy and shellfish FBOS. FBOs will be contacted at random from the sample that FSA have provided.

  • The survey will be conducted in June and July with in-depth interviews conducted in July and August. The findings will be available in September 2022. 

  • IFF have been advised and aware to avoid the busy Qurbani Eid Muslim festival when contacting FBOs from the meat sector.


If you have any questions in relation to this research work, please send them through to


AHDB flying the flag for red meat in Southeast Asia: Click Here


Our export team will be attending the Speciality & Fine Food Asia (SFFA) show from Wednesday to Friday to fly the flag for beef, lamb and pork from the UK.


Held at Suntec Singapore, the event showcases an array of products ranging from artisanal food and drinks, craft beverages, speciality coffee and tea as well as high-quality meat.


For further details about exporting to South Asia please contact, Jonathan Eckley, Head of Asia Pacific (Livestock)



Mobile: 07788 916 179





Mobile: 07979 941 514

Clean air zones: Click Here


Members on Tyneside or who visit Tyneside should note that the area has been added to the list of future clean air zones: 


Tyneside (Newcastle and Gateshead) will start charging in winter: late 2022 to early 2023.




AIMS Supplier Member, Harrison Clarke Rickerbys Solicitors ( have published a short blog ahead of Armed Forces Day which is this Saturday, 25th June 2022 in respect to the Armed Forces Covenant 


The blog makes the case for The Armed Forces Covenant – business benefits


To read the blog: Click Here


The AIMS Contact at HCR law is Aled Owen

To read Aled’s profile here: Click Here  

Phone: 0330 1072 966/07837 709517



And Finally…


We saw this item in the news: Treasury considering ‘Buy British’ tax break policy as firms continue to ‘reshore’ supply chains: Click Here


“The government is mulling introducing tax breaks for firms that “buy British”, according to government insiders.


Chancellor Rishi Sunak is also considering measures to counteract the impact of a scheduled increase in corporation tax from 19% to 25% next April.


This could include slashing the tax for firms that invest in new machinery and tech or those buying British kit.


The policy could be announced during the budget later this year.”


We will be following the Budget in the autumn and as ever be publishing an update special that day. It will be interested to see if this plan is a ‘flyer’.

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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21st June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

220,000 businesses urged to move onto new single customs platform


More than 220,000 businesses are being contacted by HMRC to urge them to move to the UK’s new streamlined customs IT platform, if they’re not already using it. 


To continue importing goods, businesses must use the Customs Declaration Service Click Here to make import declarations, after Friday 30th September this year.


  • Letters to businesses about importing and exporting goods between Great Britain and the EU: Click Here


To read the letter: You should now start moving to the Customs Declaration Service: Click Here


NOTE: Check genuine HMRC contact that uses more than one communication method: Click Here


Information on customs intermediaries' experience and Making Tax Digital for VAT registered customers has been added: Click Here


HMRC EU Trade Tips


Update on the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill

Last week (13 June), the Foreign Secretary introduced the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill Click Here to parliament.

The UK Government has also published a document Click Here that summarises the issues arising from the Northern Ireland Protocol as it stands, and how the Bill seeks to resolve them.

For now, and as the new legislation progresses through Parliament, current arrangements will remain in place; with businesses able to continue to move goods into and out of Northern Ireland in the same way they do now.

Find out how the Trader Support Service can help you do this below.


Are you moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

Moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland falls under the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP).

If you’re a trader or carrier who moves goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the free Trader Support Service (TSS) can help you and your business. We recommend that you sign up to TSS now to benefit from:

  • comprehensive education, training and advice about the way your goods move under the Northern Ireland Protocol  

  • support when you complete the customs and safety and security declarations required for movements between Great Britain and Northern Ireland 


This is how R. Twining & Company Limited, a tea and coffee supplier benefited from the service. TSS supported the business to clear over 100 supplementary declarations in a week by using the UK Trader Scheme (UKTS) authorisation.

The service is continually improving, and one recent addition on offer is that we provide regular virtual support using Microsoft Teams, to help businesses through the submission process journey to completion.

For more support or guidance around completing supplementary declarations when moving goods, please contact the TSS Contact Centre on 0800‌‌‌ 060‌‌‌ 8888 or via the TSS portal Click Here

More help and support available

If you have a specific question about importing, exporting or customs reliefs call our Customs and International Trade helpline on 0300‌‌‌ 322‌‌‌ 9434. The helpline is open from 8am‌‌‌ to‌‌‌ 10pm‌‌‌ Monday‌‌‌ to‌‌‌ Friday and from‌‌‌ 8am‌‌‌ to‌‌‌ 4‌‌‌‌‌‌pm at‌‌‌ wee‌‌‌k‌‌‌ends. 


You can also send HMRC a question or contact them via webchat: Click Here.


The Export Support Service Click Here is a new helpline for UK businesses to get answers to practical questions about exporting to Europe. 


The service is a 'one-stop-shop' and brings together UK Government information, making it easier for exporters to access advice and support.

HMRC also have more useful information below:

  • Find recorded webinars about customs processes and what you need to do if you buy from, send or sell goods with the EU on HMRC's help and support for UK transition page: Click Here

  • Watch webinars and videos from other government departments Click Here about trading with the EU 

  • Download and read their updated guides Click Here or visit HMRC’s customer forums: Click Here

  • Sign up for the Trader Support Service Click Here if you’re moving goods between GB and Northern Ireland. You can access online training modules and webinars for support with the Northern Ireland Protocol 


Communiqués from the Inter-Ministerial Group for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Click Here


The attending ministers were:


UK Government: George Eustice MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Victoria Prentis MP, Minister for Farming, Fisheries and Food


Scottish Government: Lorna Slater MSP, Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy, and Biodiversity and Mairi McAllan MSP, Minister for Environment and Land Reform


Welsh Government: Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales and Trefnydd


Northern Ireland Executive: Edwin Poots MLA, Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs


The meeting opened with a discussion on key issues arising within the EFRA sectors as a result of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The unprecedented rise in input costs, particularly feed, fuel and fertilisers and the resulting impact on all sectors within the agri-food industry was highlighted with a range of industry support options considered.


Members in Wales


Members in Wales with farming interests should note that Growing for the environment: using Rural Payments Wales Online to apply is now open: Click Here


To check the Growing for the environment: rules booklet: Click Here


And Finally… Avian Influenza


UK’s top scientists join forces to battle bird flu outbreaks: Click Here


It has been announced that some of the UK’s top scientists are to set to join forces in a major new research consortium in the UK’s battle against bird flu.


The eight-strong consortium, headed by the world-leading research team at the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), has received £1.5 million from the Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and has been tasked with developing new strategies to tackle future bird flu outbreaks.


APHA have also published the Avian: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats reports January to March 2022: Click Here

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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20th June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

Defra Consultation


Improved food waste reporting by large food businesses in England: Click Here


Defra want to know what you think of their options for improving food surplus and waste reporting by large food businesses in England.


They are seeking views on the following:


  • Options for improving food waste reporting

  • Types of businesses in scope

  • Material in scope to be reported

  • The reporting process which businesses in scope will need to follow for any regulation

  • Costs and impacts of any regulation

  • Enforcement of any regulations


The consultation closes Monday 5th September 2022.


To make a submission: Click Here


Site Security – Horizon Scanning – September 2022


We have recently signed up to all of the animal welfare activist group’s newsletters and note that Animal Rebellion (an off shoot of extinction rebellion) are planning to stop the supply of dairy September: Click Here


This will inevitably put focus on dairy cows in the supply chain and all perceptions of calves. 


They are also holding a series of ‘Know Your Rights’ training sessions with the objective of challenging the Protest powers: Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 Click Here to help their volunteers to understand the following, ahead of their planned September action. 


  • Wondering how the new policing bill will affect you protesting once it comes into place?

  • Green & Black Cross are running a series of Know Your Rights trainings that will cover the majority of protest aspects of the new PCSC Act.

  • The training will cover key messages, security, common offences used at protest (UPDATED WITH NEW POLICING BILL) and what to do if you are stop-and-searched or arrested.

  • AIMS continues to advise  members (abattoirs and cutting plants) may wish to have a no obligation chat with Paul McDonald at AIMS Supplier Member Camor Risk and Security Solutions Click Here


You can contact Paul to discuss your site security and security training for your staff via email:


Paul and his team will also be able to advise on preventing this sort of filming from taking place.


We are advised that the cost of the training is very reasonable to make it as accessible to as many people as possible.

Please Note: There was no National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Threat Report published Friday 17th June 2022


Transport Managers - Future Freight Plan


The Department for Transport (DfT) have published it’s long term vision for the UK Freight Sector: Click Here


This includes a grant to London South Bank University to research low carbon food transport refrigeration trucks with hydrogen fuel cell and metal hydride reactors.


DfT has also established a cross-cutting directorate responsible for logistics and borders which will complement the creation of supply chain focused workstreams across government including in Cabinet Office, the Department for International Trade (DIT) and Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.


Poultry Processing Members


US Market Data business, Urner Barry, in association with Agri-Briefing, will be running a webinar: Understanding the Poultry Market Tuesday, June 21st at 7pm (UK Time) for a discussion of the biggest issues impacting the poultry market.


Topics covered in this webinar will include the challenges facing the poultry industry, export markets and how they’ve changed with HPAI, navigating market disruptions and an overview of demand. For those working in the poultry sector, you won’t want to miss this highly informative webinar.


To register for your free place: Click Here


Summary of discussions at FSA Board meeting 15 June 2022: Click Here


Civil Service Reform: The Board also discussed the Civil Service Reform programme which aims to reduce numbers of Civil Servants to 2016 levels in three years. No headcount reduction targets have yet been set for the FSA but the FSA has been asked to model scenarios with significantly fewer people


The FSA Board also discussed Household Food Insecurity and the continued conflict in Ukraine on the Food Supply Chain.


To read the board meeting papers: Click Here


Welsh Lamb Meat Quality Project


HCC's Welsh Lamb Meat Quality Project – Click Here - part of the EU and Welsh Government funded Red Meat Development Programme - is gathering pace. 


Last week, another phase of consumer taste panel work was held at the University of West London, to help gather the views of a wide cross-section of consumers as to what influences their buying preferences. 


After the blind taste tests, consumers were also given information about lamb and nutrition.

The taste panel work is continuing alongside scientific analysis, including a current trial on meat tenderness. This project aims to assess the on-farm and processing factors that influence meat eating quality, with findings to be released next year.


This project work was recently featured in The Caterer: Putting Welsh lamb to the tenderness test - Click Here


Members in Wales


The Welsh Government has published a New vision to secure a bright future for Wales’ retail sector: Click Here


Reading the announcement there are two areas which will be of interest to members and which we will discuss with the Welsh Government at our next meeting with them in early July. These are:


  • Addressing skills shortages. Building on the Welsh Government’s Plan for Employability and Skills and in partnership with the sector and trades unions, Ministers are committed to helping to provide the sector with a future-proofed workforce. The plan sets out actions to both upskill existing workers and attract new entrants to the sector


  • Helping retailers to seize the opportunities of decarbonisation and digitalisation by, for example, reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, minimising the carbon footprint of their supply chains and investing in and maximising the potential use of digital technology.


We will also discuss these with HCC in the coming week to ensure that members in Wales can have viable markets for Welsh meat via the country’s butchers shops.


Members in Scotland


Supporting Scotland’s master chefs Click Here


Funding of £20,000 is being provided to enable 11 of Scotland’s top chefs to compete at the Culinary World Cup 2022 in Luxembourg.


The Scottish Culinary national team, which is managed by Scottish Chefs, will be competing in the competition from 26 – 30 November 2022.


Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon said: “The Scottish Culinary Team plays a vital role in the promotion of our national produce and raising awareness of Scotland as a leading food producer.”


Scotland will prepare and present a Scottish Menu for 110 guests in the Restaurant of Nations and also present a Buffet for 12 covers in the Chefs Table. 


The menu for both elements will be composed of produce from Scotland and showcase our world famous lamb, fish and shell fish.


HSBC Economic Commentary: Getting to grips with inflation: central banks get serious


Click here for HSBC’s latest economic commentary:


The key points are as follows:


  • More evidence of stubbornly high and broad-based inflation has prompted a sell-off in financial markets and a raft of rate-hiking actions by central banks. 


  • The US Federal Reserve is now expected to lift its policy rate to almost 4% by early next year, while the European Central Bank has all but committed itself to a rates lift-off in July. 


  • Having started ahead of those other major central banks, the Bank of England is now looking like a laggard, even though it expects the rate of consumer price inflation in the UK to reach 11%. 


  • The risk of major economies entering periods of recession has clearly increased. Yet enduring short and shallow downturns remains a better option than allowing wage-price spirals to gather momentum.

HR Managers


DWP Disability Confident Information Session for Employers


DWP are hosting a webinar on 1:00 to 2:00 Tuesday 28th June for employers who are undecided about becoming Disability Confident or are just starting to become accredited. Becoming Disability Confident helps your company to make the most of opportunities provided by employing disabled people. 


For further information and to reserve your free place: Click Here

And Finally…


Prime Minister's remarks at a press conference in Kyiv: 17 June 2022 Click Here




“And I completely understand and sympathise with the need for continued financial support for Ukraine.”


“We’re going to work together to liberate the grain, as you rightly say that he’s being held hostage right now by Putin, depriving people around the world of the food that they need.”

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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17th June

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.

Inland Border Facilities update Click Here


A new proposed site at Dover was part of this review, and after looking into the amount of cross channel traffic and the necessary associated checks, a decision has been made not to progress with the site. The review showed that the existing facilities have enough capacity to deal with the flow of traffic and therefore a new site was not necessary.


Alongside Dover, the decision has also been made to close the Birmingham and North Weald IBF sites ahead of schedule. These IBF sites were introduced on a temporary basis to support customs checks when the UK first left the EU.


Now the sites in Holyhead and Sevington are fully operational and coping well with demand, HMRC no longer needs the support of the interim sites. More information will follow in due course.


Please Note: The Border Operating Model Guidance pages have been updated to reflect these changes: Click Here


IMPORTANT DATE FOR DIARY – Qurbani Webinar 2022


Wednesday 29th June 2:15 to 3:00


Join AHDB’s Awal Fuseini, AIMS Director Rizvan Khalid, AIMS staff Craig Kirby, Simon Dawson and Tony Goodger for an overview of this years Quarbani


Please email if you would like to attend and he’ll forward you the teams invitation.


Members in Scotland


Good Food Nation Bill Passed: Click Here


“The Bill enshrines in law the Scottish Government’s commitment to Scotland being a Good Food Nation, where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they produce, buy, cook, serve, and eat each day.”


“Our world-leading approach will create links between policy at the national and local levels, with Government, local authorities and health boards all creating good food nation plans. Those plans will set out clear outcomes, indicators and policies across a range of areas relating to food including the environment, health and the economy.”


“A Food Commission will also be established for scrutinising and making recommendations in relation to the good food nation plans and progress reports; conducting research; and providing advice to Scottish Ministers and relevant authorities in carrying out their duties under the Bill.”


Farm payment dates to be brought forward: Click Here


Annual farm payment dates are to be brought forward to September, in an effort to support Scotland’s farmers with cash flow and the cost of living crisis.


Following a review of the legislative, IT and budget requirements to bring the date forward, payments will now start to issue from Monday 19th September 2022 instead of Sunday 16th October 2022.


AIMS Friday Insights


AIMS Friday Insight is a quick look at some of the market research, market reports and general updates from across the world of retail and foodservice which you may not have caught up on in the last 7 days.


Kantar’s Get a complete view of the In & Out landscape in an inflation context

Our Global Out-of-Home barometer for the first quarter of 2022 reveals that OOH recovery drives an 8% boost in spend on snacks and drinks, while price inflation is not inhibiting Europe’s recovery.


Global out-of-home (OOH) spend on snacks and non-alcoholic drinks is now very close to Q1 2020 levels.


There was a year-on-year increase of 27% in the last quarter, thanks to a particularly strong performance in Europe and Brazil.

Worldpanel’s Out-of-Home quarterly barometer measures the total market In & Out balance and OOH recovery by channel, at a total snacks and non-alcoholic drinks level, and by category. 


While OOH is recovering despite inflation, it is crucial for brands and manufacturers to have the full In & Out read to understand how channel structures are evolving in this context.


With the Kantar report Click here looking very much as the snacking market we were interested to see a new out of home day part being opened up in the USA. The meal opportunity is pre-bedtime.


Marketed mainly in hotels though now also available in retail the company Nightfood: Click Here using the strap line “What You Eat Before Bed Matters…” initially launched a sleep-friendly ice cream at hotels across the US during May 2022.


Nightfood is now expanding its evening snacking occasions with plans to launch a sleep-friendly cookie line in July.


The first flavour that will debut is Prime-Time chocolate chip, joined in following months by cherry oat and snickerdoodle flavours.


The new cookie product line is gluten-free and nut-free, made with an oat flour base because of oats’ natural richness in melatonin, according to the company. To achieve a lower glycemic index, the cookies are sweetened with date syrup and, contain 40% less sugar, 40% less fat and 20% fewer calories than other cookie brands.


AIMS Viewpoint: Looking at the Kantar report first it is clear that snacking remains a highly important ‘meal’ occasion and with sporting events such as the Women’s European Cup and the World Cup coming up the country’s snack market is bound to respond. Some of these snacks will of course be meat based and may well provide opportunities to members to extend their market or to launch new products.


Where Nightfood is a challenge though is in positioning an indulgent snack for consumption just before bed time. Consumers could build this into their daily calorie intake and sacrifice meat protein based calories elsewhere in the day.


Clearly any new day part for food consumption is worth watching and more importantly understanding and maybe giving some NPD thought to.


And Finally…


We have read that the UK independent producer of pies and meat products, has closed its plant in Bradford after a strategic review of the business: Click Here and note that there is currently an online auction which will finish on Thursday 23rd June at 12 noon: Click Here


Lots include refrigerated lorries, fork lifts, washers, boilers, grinders, mincers, as well as bakery machinery and utensils etc.


Bidding is in progress: Click Here

Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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Ingredient Substitution and Reformulation: Practical Advice


Healthy eating remains a dominant consumer trend. That means despite the Government holding back on clampdowns on products high in fat, salt and sugar for now, substituting these nutrients with healthier alternatives is still a priority for many suppliers. In addition, the war between Russia and Ukraine has introduced fresh focus on ingredients substitution and reformulation as raw material shortages hit many sectors.

So where are the pressure points? What are the latest solutions and how can the industry deliver cost-effective, safe and healthy food and maintain quality when faced with current pressures?


At 3pm, Wednesday 6th July Food Manufacture will be holding a free webinar on ingredient substitution and reformulation.


To register for your free place: Click Here

Meat Management Industry Awards - Click Here


Nominate your products: 


You can now enter your products into the Meat Management Industry Awards 2022.


Entry is free and the categories are:


Best Bacon Product 

Britain's Best Sausage

Best Lamb Product

Britain’s Best Burger

Best Poultry Product

Best Beef Product

Britain’s Best Meat Pie

Best Pork Pigmeat Product

Best Free From Product


To enter: Click Here


Voting is now open for the Meat Management Industry Awards 2022


To make your nominations (note category 4!) Click Here

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Nominations now open for Women in Meat Industry Awards 2022


The Women In Meat Industry Awards are back for 2022 and kicking off by offering the opportunity for companies and individuals across the industry to nominate candidates. This is your chance to propose those special women that you consider to be outstanding.


Categories for 2022 are as follows:


Meat Businesswoman Award – Foodservice

Meat Businesswoman Award – Manufacturing/Processing

Meat Businesswoman Award – Craft Butchery

Meat Businesswoman Award – Poultry 

Meat Businesswoman Award – Trade Body

Meat Businesswoman Award – Wholesaling

Meat Businesswoman Award – Multiple Retailing

Meat Businesswoman Award – Independent Retailing

Meat Businesswoman Award – Industry Supplier

Meat Businesswoman Award – Training & Education

The Rising Star Award

Meat Businesswoman of the Year Award


For further information and to make nominations: Click Here

CONSULTATION - Choice on units of measurement: markings and sales


“The Government is committed to reviewing the current law to identify how more choice can be given to businesses and consumers over the units of measurement they use for trade, while ensuring that measurement information remains accurate. 


The evidence gathered from this consultation will inform the Government’s plans to provide a choice on weights and measures for consumer transactions. 


We want to hear from a broad range of stakeholders that interact with all consumer transactions based on units of measurements – including businesses, trade associations, enforcement authorities, consumers, and consumer organisations.”


There is an accompanying booklet with further details about the consultation: Click Here


The consultation closes at 11pm on Friday 26th August 2022.


To respond to the consultation: Click Here


If members would like us to make a response, please let us know your thoughts.

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Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) Phase 2: Summer 2022 - how to apply


The IETF Phase 2: Summer 2022 is now open to applications.


The Phase 2: Summer 2022 competition is open to businesses of any size registered and operating in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Some IETF funding rules may differ for businesses based in Northern Ireland.

If your site is based in Scotland, you can apply for the Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (SIETF): contact for more information.

Applications must be completed and submitted by 3pm 9th September 2022


How to apply


The Summer 2022 competition is open to applications:



  • Watch a step-by-step video tutorial of how to complete the IETF application form: Click Here

Your business must operate an existing site which falls into one of the following SIC codes: Manufacturing 10000 through to 33200


10110 Processing and preserving of meat

10120 Processing and preserving of poultry meat

10130 Production of meat and poultry meat products


Members may be interested to know that among the successful phase 1 applicants were Quorn, Samworth Brothers, Pioneer Foods and Rick Bestwick. For details of their projects and the money they received: Click Here

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Food Security


UK Agriculture Partnership: Food Security


Monday 4th July 2022: 12:00 – 18:30 BST

James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie. DD2 5DA


The third meeting of the UK Agriculture Partnership (UKAP) will take place at the James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland. The topic of this meeting will be Food Security; hosted by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Rt Hon George Eustice MP, and Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands, Mairi Gougeon MSP.


A programme and full details will be published shortly. 


To attend the event, either in person or via zoom: Click Here


NOTE: The password is UKAP3

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Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) Phase 2: Summer 2022 - how to apply


The IETF Phase 2: Summer 2022 is now open to applications.


The Phase 2: Summer 2022 competition is open to businesses of any size registered and operating in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Some IETF funding rules may differ for businesses based in Northern Ireland.

If your site is based in Scotland, you can apply for the Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (SIETF): contact for more information.

Applications must be completed and submitted by 3pm 9th September 2022


How to apply


The Summer 2022 competition is open to applications:



  • Watch a step-by-step video tutorial of how to complete the IETF application form: Click Here

Your business must operate an existing site which falls into one of the following SIC codes: Manufacturing 10000 through to 33200


10110 Processing and preserving of meat

10120 Processing and preserving of poultry meat

10130 Production of meat and poultry meat products


Members may be interested to know that among the successful phase 1 applicants were Quorn, Samworth Brothers, Pioneer Foods and Rick Bestwick. For details of their projects and the money they received: Click Here

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Food Security


UK Agriculture Partnership: Food Security


Monday 4th July 2022: 12:00 – 18:30 BST

James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie. DD2 5DA


The third meeting of the UK Agriculture Partnership (UKAP) will take place at the James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland. The topic of this meeting will be Food Security; hosted by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Rt Hon George Eustice MP, and Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands, Mairi Gougeon MSP.


A programme and full details will be published shortly. 


To attend the event, either in person or via zoom: Click Here


NOTE: The password is UKAP3

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Slaughter Incentive Payment Scheme 

The Slaughter Incentive Payment Scheme (SIPS) 2022  closing date has been extended to Thursday 30th June 2022, and claims now open on  Friday 1st July and close on Friday 29th July 2022.

For further details: Click Here

As Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June have been made a Bank Holiday this year, any pig kill undertaken on those days will be permitted to make a SIPS claim

Further details from the RPA: 


Email - write ‘Slaughter Incentive Payment Scheme 2022’ in the subject line.


Telephone: 03300 416 500 Opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, except bank holidays.


Please also make sure that you speak with the FSA about getting vets on site for these bank holiday kill days.

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Free Collingwood Legal Webinar: Top Tips in Dealing with Employment Tribunal Claims - Thursday 7th July 2022 10:00 to 11:00

Receiving notice of an Employment Tribunal claim being issued against you and your organisation is always stressful and can feel overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the Tribunal process. With the numerous formalities and prescriptive rules, procedures and deadlines imposed by the Tribunal, preparing and defending an Employment Tribunal claim can feel time consuming, difficult and unfamiliar. This presentation aims to equip you with some top tips on how best to manage the Tribunal process and some good practice tips to bear in mind when at the final hearing.


Collingwood Legal invite you to attend our Top Tips webinar!


The session aims to provide you useful top tips on:


• Understanding the terms, protocols and “jargon” used;
• The tribunal process, what to expect and how best to manage this;
• Meeting the various deadlines;
• Preparing your case;
• Drafting witness statements; and
• The final hearing itself, and good practice tips.


To book your free place: Click Here

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Livestock Welfare during Transport, Marketing & Slaughter


Humane Slaughter Association (HSA International Conference – Thursday 30th June & Friday 1st July 2022, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Queen Street, Edinburgh.


To attend the conference in person or on line: Click Here

The HSA is a charity, recognised internationally, for promoting scientific, technical and educational advances towards improving the welfare of food animals, worldwide, during transport, marketing, slaughter and killing for disease control and welfare reasons

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