R&D Tax Relief for Farming Businesses

AIMS Supplier member, Roythornes Solicitors (www.roythorne.co.uk) have published their latest newsletter for members this time looking at R&D Tax Relief for Farming Businesses Click here


On Thursday 16th September at 11:00am, Roythornes will be running a webinar covering the key aspects of Family Investment Companies (FIC).  


The webinar is being run by Ben Taylor and Lizzie Walters, with Steve Brandreth of Artorious Wealth Management providing additional expertise.


Family Investment Companies (FIC) provide a useful and tax efficient tool for wealth preservation and asset protection.


The event will cover the key considerations when establishing a FIC, such as how are they are funded, structured and what underlying investment strategies can be used to maximise their efficiency.


Subjects to be covered include:


  • Who are FICS most suitable for – structure, how they fit in with other estate planning, administration and reporting requirements.

  • Uses – IHT treatment, funding options, Income Tax/Corporation Tax, SDLT and CGT implications, wealth preservation.

  • Investment strategies and practical issues – case studies, strategy options, day-to-day investment management.


If you wish to attend the webinar, the registration page can be found here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_VPChZuQBQ56ce2onesrUpg


The AIMS lead at Roythornes is Hannah Leese. Her contact details are as follows:


Hannah Leese, Roythornes Limited

Direct Dial: 0115 9454420

Main: 01775 842500

Mobile: 07395 791118

Email: hannahleese@roythornes.co.uk

Don’t forget to check out their Food Law Blog at www.roythorne.co.uk/site/blog/food-blog/

FSA Notices - RANs, WENs and HINs

We are increasingly concerned at the way OVs are carrying out enforcement.  Enforcement is not an official control and cannot be delegated by FSA to E&J, yet the contractual arrangement between the Agency and E&J penalises E&J if OVs miss non-contraventions, even if they are of no significance for public health or animal welfare.  Not surprisingly some OVs are scattering enforcement notices like confetti.


We always advise members that if they are served with a legal notice to either comply with it or appeal it.  If ignored there is a strong likelihood that prosecution will follow.  Frequently in such cases FSA will not proceed with a prosecution of the original non-compliance, which may be difficult for them to prove, but will successfully prosecute for non-compliance of the notice, on the basis that the operator could have appealed but didn’t.

Appealing notices is a legal procedure, and the cost may inhibit many operators.  However, Roythornes Ltd (one of our legal services providers) have agreed a procedure which will allow notices to be challenged without incurring huge cost.  Full details are attached.

In a nutshell, Roythornes will advise members and write to the FSA challenging a notice for a set fee £250 plus VAT, which will only be payable if the challenge is successful.  If the initial challenge is unsuccessful Roythornes will assist you in a formal appeal.  That will be charged for but may still be good value for money as if successful you could get some costs back from the FSA, which you wouldn’t if you are prosecuted, even if found not guilty.

Next time you have a notice served, let us know and we will work with Roythornes to advise you how to proceed.