Kickstart Scheme Special

The Kickstart Scheme is available in the England, Wales and Scotland.

As a good start point we suggest that you read the Kickstart Scheme Employer Guide Click Here which provides a short overview of the scheme.


The Kickstart Scheme Click Here provides funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment. 


Employers of all sizes can apply for funding which covers:

  • 100% of the National Minimum Wage Click Here (or the National Living Wage Click Here depending on the age of the participant) for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months

  • Associated employer National Insurance contributions Click Here

  • Employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

  • Employers can spread the start date of the job placements up until the end of December 2021.


A Kickstart Scheme application must be for a minimum of 30 job placements. If a single employer cannot provide this many job placements, they can find an existing Kickstart gateway Click Here such as a local authority, charity or trade body for help applying.


Further funding is available for training and support so that young people on the scheme can get a job in the future.


NOTE: Job placements created with Kickstart funding must be new jobs and must not replace existing or planned vacancies or cause existing employees or contractors to lose or reduce their employment.

Apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant: 30 or more job placements Click Here

If you are an employer looking to create 30 or more jobs placements for young people, apply for funding as part of the Kickstart Scheme. 

You’ll get £1,500 funding per job placement. This is for setup costs and to support the young person develop their employability skills. If someone else helps you to do some of this for you, you’ll have to agree how you will share this money.

To apply online: Click Here


Apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant: 29 or less job placements Click Here

If you’re creating fewer than 30 job placements, a Kickstart gateway Click Here can act on your behalf and apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant for you.

They will:

  • Gather information from you about the job placements you’d like to offer

  • Use this information to submit an online application on behalf of a group of employers

  • Pass on the relevant payments made by DWP to you (for example the young person’s salary)


They may also:

  • Share their expertise with you to help you onboard and train young people employed through the scheme, for example supporting those with particular disadvantages or working in certain sectors

  • Provide employability support directly to young people employed through the scheme


Email your local or national Kickstart Scheme contact Click Here if you need more help with the Kickstart Scheme process.


As AIMS is based in the Yorkshire and Humber Region we looked at Gateways in the area Click Here fining in excess of 30 providers


Kickstart Scheme employer resources Click Here

Once you've been offered Kickstart Scheme funding, you can use the resources on this web link to show your support for the scheme


Please feel free to come back to us at AIMS with any questions in relation to the scheme and we’ll attempt to put you in contact with someone within your local area.