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Marketing Materials

  1. AHDB Direct Selling & Box Schemes here

  2. AHDB Make it Steak here

  3. AHDB Perfect Pulled Pork here

  4. Hybu Cig Cymru / Meat Promotions Wales – Trade Portal here

  5. Quality Meat Scotland – Meat with Integrity campaign here

  6. Livestock and Meat Commission of Northern Ireland – Flavour Your Life here

Marketing Update

21st January

Please circulate this update to all relevant staff within your business.


Last week we attended the AHDB Beef and Lamb Town Hall event. This included presentations from Their strategy Director, Sector Director and the Head of Beef and Lamb. It included a fair amount of information on their current marketing campaign and future plans as laid out in the AHDB Change Programme and Strategy 2021 to 2026 Click Here 


To listen to a recording of the event: Click Here


Don’t forget you can also give feedback on the Change Programme and Strategy 2021 to 2026 Here or via email: strategy2021@ahdb.org.uk  


AHDB Red Meat Retail Sales Dashboards for December published: Click Here


The latest red meat retail data up to 27th December 2020, is now available:


BEEF: Click Here

LAMB: Click Here

PORK: Click Here


AHDB Eat Balanced Campaign Click Here


The AHDB Eat Balanced Campaign is now into its third week and we have received an email from the levy boards Chief Communications and Market Development Office Christine Watts asking for further assistance to give the activity some extra impetus. 


The success of the campaign in part relies on ensuring the their key messages land with the widest possible audience of consumers via social media. Christine’s view is as follows:


“While reaction has been very positive, as expected a small group of vegan activists are posting messages  - particularly on Facebook – where negative comments on meat and dairy are far outweighing the positive ones so we need your help to change that.”


A typical post thread is this one from Viva!: Click Here


So, AHDB now need assistance from across the whole of the meat sector to try to bring some balance to the social media conversations.


They are asking you, if you have Facebook and / or Instagram accounts to go onto the AHDB Pages to support any or all of the AHDB content.




They would also like you to do one or more of the 3 things below;


  • Post one or more of the infographics:  These can be found on the AIMS Website Click Here under Members Resources (You will need to sign in – please let us know if you need the password) where you will find the 8 Digital Postcards in two formats: one with the Red Tractor Logo and one without.


  • Post one of the positive facts/statements from the Positive Conversations Pack  Click Here


  • Post a comment of your own to convey the passion and care this industry takes to create quality meat and dairy.


AIMS is supporting the campaign via Twitter and in addition to using the AHDB materials will also have some of our own supporting materials next week.


Please remember, all AHDB activity is funded through the levy, a levy which many AIMS members pay which is the reason why we are trying to support their work so closely.


Choose Chicken


The AIMS Twitter campaign #ChooseChicken is going really well. We have added fresh content daily and have picked up some good numbers for impressions, likes and retweets. Remarkably we have, to date, only had one negative post.


This activity will carry on daily until the end of January and then be used as appropriate going forward.


It is great to see that the British Poultry Council are supporting the activity and, on occasions, NFU Poultry who have also liked and retweeted some of the posts.


Red Tractor – Dig A Little Deeper Click Here


Red Tractor have been running an on-line campaign for the last year featuring an ‘inquisitive Mum’ called Emma who wants to find out more about Red Tractor standards.


Last year the films included a series on Chicken Farming called Love Chicken Love Red Tractor - Click Here


2021 has begun with ‘What’s the truth behind Red Meat in the UK?’ - Click Here


Both sets of activity are worth looking at and wherever you feel appropriate, to share.


Coming Up


Next week Norman and Tony will be attending AHDB’s Reputation Group Meeting – Please drop us an email office@aims2001.co.uk if there is anything you’d like them to ask or any feedback you’d like them to give.


Producers and Processors in Wales


The BeefQ project is now entering its consultation phase and will be launching its online survey next week accompanied by two webinars, one aimed at the broader farming sector and the other at the food industry.  


Monday 25 January at 7.30 pm aimed at Welsh beef food industry (ZOOM Webinar ID – 983 0239 8129/Webinar Passcode 342227)


Wednesday 27 January at 7.30 aimed at Welsh beef farming industry  (ZOOM Webinar ID – 994 4263 4872/Webinar Passcode 782052)


On-line survey will be live on the BeefQ website http://www.beefq.wales/index.html and available to complete up to the end of March 2021


These webinars are an opportunity to hear a brief summary of the BeefQ work to date, and to consider how the implementation of a beef eating prediction system might impact the beef farming and food industries in practice and what the challenges are for implementation.


Deanna Jones, Export Market Development Executive for Hybu Cig Cymru, is a partner in the BeefQ project and has considerable career experience in eating quality prediction systems, having previously been an MSA beef eating quality grader. From her experience she will discuss some of the practical implications of implementing an eating quality prediction system for both the farming and food industries – recognising that implementation of such a system requires it to work for the whole supply chain.


This will be followed by a Q&A session and the opportunity to complete an online survey which will feed into recommendations made by the BeefQ project as to the need for, possible implementation pathways for and the major challenges facing implementation of a beef eating quality prediction system in Wales.  


No need to register – just enter the ZOOM Webinar ID and Webinar Passcode for each event.


Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.



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17th December


AHDB January 2021 Campaign – We Eat Balanced Click Here


AHDB are embarking on a new marketing drive to inform and educate consumers on how eating a balanced diet, which includes red meat and dairy, is a sustainable way to enjoy food.


Their objective is to also flood social media with a range of engaging social media posts that are designed to get the nation talking about why a balanced diet is a healthy and sustainable way to eat. 


These social posts will be from our new consumer social media channels – so make sure you’re following them to see what we’re doing and keep an eye out for #WeEatBalanced.


AHDB are investing levy money with the objective of Helping the industry regain balance


There is a consistent trend that consumers are reducing their red meat and dairy consumption because they believe it is healthier and less harmful to the environment. 


This is not the case and they want AIMS members help to redress the balance by educating consumers with our new Eat Balanced campaign, which includes:

  • A new TV advert

  • A new consumer website - https://weeatbalanced.com

  • Proactive social media posts to dispel myths about food and farming

  • A new Having Positive Conversations pack – See Attached




AHDB have suggested six ways that you can get involved and spread the message


They are relying on the red meat industry to support the Eat Balanced campaign.


  1. Download the free assets we've created and share from your social channels​

  2. Post on Facebook and Twitter and remember to use #WeEatBalanced ​

  3. Search #WeEatBalanced and retweet posts to spread the word​

  4. Pin a Tweet to the top of your profile. Click the icon located at the top right part of the Tweet and select 'Pin to your profile'​

  5. Use the We Eat Balanced Twibbon to add to your profile picture on Twitter - https://twibbon.com/Support/weeatbalanced

  6. You can also change your Facebook profile picture - https://twibbon.com/Support/weeatbalanced


If you have a presence on Instagram please follow and ‘like’ the campaign and add your own messaging: https://www.instagram.com/weeatbalanced/


If you have a presence on Facebook please follow and ‘like’ the campaign and add your own messaging: https://www.facebook.com/WeEatBalanced


New Health Focused Pork Campaign for January 2021 Click Here


The £1.3m campaign, will see a revised TV advert hit screens from 16th  January and run for six weeks, alongside a range of billboard, print and digital advertising to create awareness and assurance to consumers that pork can be quick, tasty and lean – making it an ideal meat to cook with during the week.


AHDB have made available a range of assets for your use, including:  


  • Six different recipe images sized ready to be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - Click Here


  • Eight revamped health infographics for pork sized and ready to be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - Click Here

Free Point of Sale Kit


A ‘butcher’s kit’ featuring four recipes ( 2x beef recipes and 2x pork recipes) and a matching poster have been created and can be ordered by emailing butcherskit@ahdb.org.uk  referencing ‘pork January kits’ in the subject line.  


Each kit contains 100 recipe cards and two posters.


AIMS Poultry Members


We are working on a set of social media digital postcards which members can use to promote the nutritional benefits of chicken in the diet. These will be ready to use from the start of January.


There will also be some additional poultry and a healthy diet fact sheets.


We now have agreement from NFU Poultry and BPC that their free to use digital postcards can be downloaded from the AIMS website. These will be in the members resource area under Marketing Information button from next week (w/c 21st December 2020)


Latest AHDB report finds consumers are ‘sleepwalking’ away from eating meat Click Here




Unconscious meat reducers need: 


  • Meat-based meal inspiration, both with traditional dishes and more modern cuisines 


  • Reassurance about the nutritional benefits of meat in their diet 


  • Reminding how enjoyable meat is and how it fits with practical needs for convenience and versatility 


  • A better experience in-store, whether that be in-aisle (on pack, shelf, or more experiential such as tasting stands or recipe cards), or in other relevant aisles that complement meat Conscious meat reducers should not be ignored, especially flexitarians, as they have the potential to become stricter meat avoiders. They also require more meal inspiration, coupled with permission to eat meat through clear health, environment and welfare messaging.


Organuary 2021 www.organuary.com


Minimise Waste – Maximise Nutrition


Don’t forget that the website will include an area and map for butchers shops selling offal. Please upload your details at https://organuary.com/butchers/ 


We are currently working on a set of Organuary digital postcards. These will be in the members resource area under Marketing Information button from the start of January 2021

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