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Qurbani 2020


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UK Poultry farming and processing business supplying retail and foodservice


The AIMS Assured Meat Processing Scheme (AMPS) standard provides meat businesses with a whole chain assurance scheme.

Audited by UKAS Accredited certification body KIWA the standard has been written in a highly practical way which recognises that the meat industry is already monitored with the regulatory framework of the Food Standards Agency.

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What to do with it

This is the SOP format for DIRECT SALES – when the consumer arrives in person for their meat. It sets out the procedures you should follow. Personalise it for your business.

You’ll need ONE for yourself if you do hot direct sales to walk-ups

This is the SOP format for sales via a butcher or wholesaler – when the consumer buys their meat off someone else and you supply that person as an agent for the consumer. It sets out the procedures you should follow. Personalise it for your business.

You’ll need ONE for yourself for 3rd party sales

This is the form for customers taking their own meat home – it is a declaration that they know the product has not been fully chilled. This also covers your back should anything untoward happen.

Each one of your walk-ups will need this

This is the form for the butchers/wholesalers to keep. They get the signatures of their customers on it and keep it for their records. They do not need one form per person, just keep a list running. If the consumer has already ordered, it can be filled in on collection. They DON’T NEED TO SEND IT TO YOU. They just keep it on site. They will need to personalise it for their business.

This is one that needs sending to your butcher/wholesale customers. They keep it on site.

This is the form the butcher/wholesaler sends to you. It is a summary of orders. It won’t have the names of their customers. They need to personalise it and send over to you when ready. You keep a copy (as well as them).

This is a summary that your butcher/wholesale customer sends back to you with final orders

This does not need filling in – it is just a summary of the procedure for butchers/wholesalers.


This is the leaflet/poster to share widely.

A leaflet for the walk-ups. You can also use it electronically or may want to print it larger and use as a poster. It also wants sending on to the butchers/wholesale customers for display

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