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Seasonal Poultry Workers for Christmas 2021 and Beyond


EU Settlement Scheme: employer toolkit Click Here


Any EU national who was resident in the UK before 31st December 2020 may be eligible for status under the EU Settlement Scheme.


They have just 6 months from when they left the UK to get this application completed. So, for example, if they left the UK on the 22nd December 2020 they have until 22nd June 2021 to complete the application.


However, that is the very last date and we strongly advise that they complete their application now


Your staff can apply for the EU Settlement Scheme from abroad - Click Here


The EU Settlement Scheme: translated information materials Click Here are in the process of being translated. We have asked our contact at DEFRA to find out from the Home Office when these translations will be available and have impressed upon him that there is an urgent need for them to be available quickly.


Regrettably you cannot apply on behalf of others. They MUST make their own application.


Do you know if your staff have bio-metric passports?


If so, the quickest way they can have their documents checked and verified is via the EU Exit: Document Check App Click Here


When assessing an application, the Home Office will check against HMRC records - Click Here such as for tax and NI payments.


The application process is open and I strongly urge your seasonal staff to apply with haste in order that they can travel to the UK for work in the run up to Christmas 2021 and beyond.


NOTE: If any of your seasonal poultry workers left the UK after 1st January 2021, the deadline for the applications for the whole scheme is Wednesday 30th June 2021 (with some exceptions – deadline is clear here - Click Here), so in those cases (there may not be any), they now have less than six months to apply.


DEFRA are happy to do a short webinar and Q&A session on this if members would find it useful. Please email if you would like this setting up. 


Please note, this update does not constitute legal advice.


Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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