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Urgent - Secretary of State letter on Outstanding EU Exit Matters

As you know, following the end of the transition period, on 1 January 2021, as a result of the UK becoming a third country there will be new processes that UK exporters and importers must comply with.


Please find here a letter from Secretary Of State for Defra, George Eustice, which summarises the several live issues which have a bearing on these changes, and outlines the new trade requirements arising from EU prohibitions and restrictions (P&R), based on the information we have available at this time.   

Defra will be publishing further information on the relevant commodities on shortly but wanted to provide you with the information in advance. P&R is a complex and wide-spanning issue which results in a range of commodities being prevented or restricted from being imported or exported between GB and the EU as of 1 January 2021. Please see the attached annex for initial details of which P&R will potentially affect you. 


Everyone at AIMS is here to support any members, please email if you have any questions.

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